Deputy Goes Undercover

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After a month-long, undercover investigation, Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie announced Monday that Christopher Deen has been charged with trying to bring contraband into the County Detention Facility.

An undercover sheriff's deputy, serving as a corrections officer, was looking for anyone seeking help to bring contraband into the facility. Contraband includes money, weapons and drugs.

"This past month's investigation, Mr. Deen brought in money and gave it to a correctional officer to give to a relative in this facility, which resulted in his charge last evening," said Sollie.

This was the first undercover operation inside the facility in the last two years. And for his part, Christopher Deen is facing anywhere between two and 15 years behind bars.

Sollie said its "a fact of life" in a detention facility that corrections officers are contacted by the family and friends of inmates to smuggle in contraband.

"In an attempt to try and slow that down, we utilized an undercover officer in this situation, and it wasn't very long that he was able to detect individuals desiring to bring stuff into this jail," said the sheriff. Sollie added Deen was smuggling in a small amount of money.

Sollie hopes this arrest will slow the flow of contraband into the facility for some time to come.