Supervisors Air Disagreements

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Argument number one came over the issue of providing security for the Courthouse Annex. District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell said it would be unnecessary expense.

"I certainly don't believe there's nobody upstairs that needs guarding. If it is, let the board of education provide their own security," Boswell said.

But District 2 supervisor Jimmie Smith countered Boswell's view.

"Every public building that I've been in Jackson has had security," Smith said. "One building I went in to visit, I went through the screening process, then I had to wait and sit down till whoever I was going to see, sent down somebody to come and get me."

Boswell then attempted to tie the state's financial problems to its security needs.

"Well that's exactly, in my opinion, the reason the state of Mississippi is broke. They need one billion dollars extra this year to cover all the expenses, the needs that they want," Boswell said.

Then tax assessor Jimmy Slay and supervisor Smith got their own disagreement started.

The county's tax rolls are required to be brought up to date by June 1 in order for the 2006 budget to be drawn and the millage agreed upon.

Slay had been told by the board to advertise for bids. Apparently, because of the time element, the only bid was from a Georgia firm in the amount of $1,685,000 when the projected amount had been $400,000.

At this point Smith started asking questions.

"I understand the advertisement for bids was for '06, '07 and '08," said Smith.

"No sir, that was not the board's request," replied Slay. "I'll show you the minutes and the videotape of the meeting, if you like, but I'll tell you what the board requested."

"Mr. Slay, I was the one made the motion, because I was very adamant about doing it in '06, because that's what the law requires us to do," said Smith.

The state will allow the process to be delayed to 2008, if the supervisors request it.