Loaded School Bus Wrecks

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Debris from the accident littered Highway 45 in Kemper County after a school bus and a tanker truck collided. The truck driver was not hurt but 28 of the 40 school bus passengers, including the driver, were taken to local hospitals.

"They've all been treated and released, except the driver and one student," says Sgt. Ronnie Carter with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Both are being held overnight for observation. Still, investigators say things could have been a lot worse.

"There wasn't any impact to the passenger compartment, so it looks to us like it was real fortunate the way it turned out as far as injuries," says Sgt. Carter. "The tanker at the time of the crash was empty, was not loaded. He normally carries a gasoline, so it's a good thing he wasn't loaded at the time."

"We're blessed in that accident," says Jerome Jackson, who works with the Kemper County School District. "It was real serious. It took the front end off that bus; the good Lord was in the picture."

Highway Patrol investigators are interviewing witnesses, reviewing physical evidence and attempting to reconstruct the accident.