School Bus Safety Ranks High

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Crashes involving school buses always make the news, but by comparison, there are far fewer fatalities due to accidents involving school buses per 100,000 passenger miles than any other mode of transportation.

"A lot of years we don't have any kids killed in a bus accident in the United States," said Jason Chisolm, transportation director for Meridian Public Schools.

Still, accidents involving school buses tend to spark debate on whether or not they could be safer.

While some believe equipping school buses with seat belts would help, to keep children safer, others disagree.

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says seat belts cause more problems," Chisolm said.

And he says they can result in more injuries to students due to horseplay than they would prevent in an accident.

"School buses have double- and triple-reinforced steel," said Chisolm.

In addition to that, Chisolm says school bus drivers are highly trained and monitored more closely than any other drivers on the road.