College for Kids Underway

College for Kids at Meridian Community College is in full swing. Classes offered include Building, Computers, Fishing and Music. Young children take fun classes taught by volunteers. Coordinator Jeanette Norment said 330 students are enrolled in College for Kids.

"I think it not only teaches them that you can come to a college campus and that learning can be fun, it also teaches them skills that they will need and implement this fall into their learning," said Norment. "It is shown through research that music, for example, and we're teaching guitar classes, helps stimulate different areas of the brain for these young people."

There are openings available for next week's session, in the Study of Birds, Gardening and an X-Ray and Dental class. Call 482-7445, or 482-7445.

The cost is $45.00 per student for the week.