Shows Wants Bill Amendment

Surrounded by his cabinet and members of Congress, President Bush Wednesday signed the Congressional resolution that authorizes the use of force against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The resolution had bipartisan support, including Democrat Ronnie Shows of Mississippi and his Republican opponent, Cong. Chip Pickering.

But Shows also spoke out against a measure in a Department of Veterans Affairs bill.

"But as we move forward with the President we cannot leave behind our commitments to the brave Americans who have survived past battles," said Shows. "We are making the people who put their lives on the line for their country again and again to pay if they get hurt while doing what we ask them to do. And that is wrong."

Shows said he's working with Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor to strike the language.

In the meantime, the President said it's up to Saddam Hussein to prove he's gotten rid of his weapons of mass destruction, or the U.S. will lead a coalition against him.

ABC News contributed to this report.