Promoting the Vote

Election Day is officially a week away. However, Tuesday local students got a head start.

Students throughout the area took part in the annual "Promote the Vote" initiative, begun by Mississippi Secretary of State Eric Clark.

As part of the mock election, young people voted for candidates for Congress. At Meridian High, it's estimated that less than 40 percent of the student body took part in the voluntary effort.

Organizers say if Tuesday is any indication, voter turnout next week could be low.

Meridian High School teacher Paul Raley said there tends to be apathy among young people.

"But there's apathy in the general population," added Raley. That's where the kids learn it."

But Selena Carter, a senior at Meridian High, said voting is important.

"Because maybe someone will look at the younger kids and realize that it will make a difference and one day we will make a difference," said Carter.

Students in Alabama also took part in Tuesday's "Promote the Vote." The official Election Day is next Tuesday, Nov. 5.