Light Signals Safety?

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The intersection of Highway 39 and Briarwood Road in Lauderdale County has been approved to get a red light in the coming months.

District 1 supervisor Eddie Harper shared the news at the Council of Governments meeting Monday.

"We asked what MDOT's (Mississippi Department of Transportation) recommendation would be, whether it would be a four way stop or a red light. And they came back with a recommendation for a red light," Harper said. "Plus with the intersection itself being down in the hill like it is, each hilltop in both directions is going to have to have a pre-warning light."

The safety of the intersection has been of special concern due to the fact a lot of Northeast Lauderdale High School traffic travels Hwy. 39 and Briarwood Road.

The location has been the site of numerous crashes. But Harper stressed the light is months away from being installed, due to the budget already being set. It will cost $125,000.

The city of Meridian is working on getting the same feature at another trouble spot, the intersection of North Hills Street and 10th Avenue.

Thomas said part of the problem on North Hills Street is that it's narrow, because the city did not hold on to enough right of way through the years.