Crash Victims Shared Interests

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Dr. George Twente, a 59-year-old Meridian psychiatrist, and Andrew Bruno, a 28-year-old U.S. Marine Corp. 1st lieutenant and student pilot at Naval Air Station Meridian died Saturday when their plane crashed into a pasture on Old Cotton Gin Road in Lauderdale County.

"I went to the crash site and it was pretty unbelievable," said Sidney Covington, a Twente family friend.

The two men shared a love of family, a love of flying and both were members of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church in Meridian. Covington is also a member of the church.

"These men were bound by several things, a love of the Lord, a love of aviation."

Covington said Twente enjoyed sharing his passion for flying with others.

Covington says the loss of both men is simply tragic.

"The Brunos have two little girls. They have one that's 18 months and one that's not quite two weeks," said Covington.

The FAA is in the preliminary stage of its investigation into the accident and no new information has been released.