Gone But Not Forgotten

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A Meridian family lost a loved one in service to his country during the past week in Iraq.

Spc. Robert Allen McNail was a national guardsman with Company "B", 150th Combat Engineer Battalion based in Quitman, a part of the 155th Brigade. He died in a vehicle crash.

Visitation for Robert McNail will be Friday from 5-8 p.m. at Barham Funeral Home in Meridian. The funeral service will be Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Barham with burial in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

McNail's family shared with Newscenter 11 what turned out to be his final e-mail home. In it, he asked for prayer for his platoon.

E-mail from Robert Allen McNail:

"Well, we finally got a mortar attack yesterday right at chow time. It was the first attack we have had here at this base (Iscondiria). This place hasn't been attacked in about ten days. The Marines that are leaving said that they were watching us to pick up on our routines. And they did right at 5:00 for chow. He dropped four rounds. Most of us were in the tent, just having got done doing some work. There is an Iraqi power plant here in the FOB, so there is lots of local nationals here. So I am sure we have lots of eyes watching us. So far, all we have done is move gravel and spread it around the tents and buildings to keep the mud down. The Euphrates River is on one side of us and a bunch of canals are on the other side. If the church or anybody else would like to adopt our platoon, there are 22 of us.

1. Lt. McNeese
2. Terry Cameron
3. Jared Barksdale
4. Kyle Turner
5. Wayne Walley
6. Denny Mason
7. Tommy Smith
8. Toby Smith
9. Timmy Bolton
10. Kyle Caldwell
11. Jamie Davis
12. Robert McNail
13. Chris Sisson
14. Dupree
15. Kerry Roberts
16. Swindell
17. Javian Jones
18. Elroy Blanks
19. Taylor
20. Tanner
21. Stringfellow
22. Turner (Junkyard)