Court Denies a Trial for Trotter

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Nearly 23 years after he pleaded guilty to murder, Milton Trotter has been denied a chance to take his case to a Lauderdale County jury.

The state Court of Appeals Tuesday upheld a judge's ruling that Trotter raised no issues on which he might be exonerated if he went to trial.

Trotter was one of four men convicted and sentenced to life prison for the killing of a woman they had kidnapped from California.

Trotter pleaded guilty to murder in Lauderdale County in 1981 and was given a life sentence.

In 2003, Circuit Judge Larry Roberts denied Trotter's petition for post conviction relief because it was not filed within the three-year time period allowed by law.

Appeals Judge David Anthony Chandler says even if Trotter's petition had been filed on time, Trotter failed to prove he had new information that might result in a different outcome at trial.

In particular, Chandler said Trotter's claim that he was innocent was not supported by the evidence.