Roads a Priority

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Lauderdale County will spend $1.6 million this year to purchase new road building equipment. County engineer Neal Carson outlined some of his needs at a Board of Supervisors work session.

"This morning I gave them the specifications for a large dozier for this county, specifications for a steel wheel roller and specifications for a one-track excavator," said Carson. "This is just part of the equipment we will be purchasing this fiscal year."

Carson said the $1.6 million is necessary to replace old equipment that no longer works.

"All of it is directly related to the road department, whether it be our floating crew that does all of our paving and bridge work ,or the satellites that maintain certain areas of the county," Carson said.

Carson concedes the quality of Lauderdale County roads has dropped dramatically in the last two years.

"We were in fairly good shape approximately two years ago with equipment, but we didn't buy any," said Carson. "We haven't bought any equipment in the last two years so our level of service, being able to maintain our roads, is beginning to drastically drop off. This is necessary to keep that level of service up that constituents of this county expect."

The board will act on Carson's request at its official meeting Monday, Nov. 4.