Bond Revoked for Alleged Gunman

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A judge in Pascagoula Wednesday refused to reset the half million dollar bond that was revoked Tuesday for Alexander Lett, accused of firing a weapon at Northrop Grumman Shipyards in Pascagoula.

Members of Lett's family had addressed the court asking for bond to be restored.

"Alex is a very loving person; he would try to help anybody. He's a family type person, always having family cookouts and things like that," said the suspect's brother, Robert Lett. "And if anybody needed any help, whether you broke down at night or anything like that, he's willing to help you. He never drank, never smoked. He's not a club person that goes to bars. He's a homebound family person."

With no bond, Alexander Lett will be held at the Pascagoula City Jail on aggravated assault charges until it's determined whether shooting victims Donald Eddins and Ben Gaffney will recover from their injuries.