Family Suffers Loss But MPD Comes Through

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A marine and his family had their truck, trailer, motorcycle, clothing, and Christmas presents stolen Tuesday morning in Meridian. The family was staying at a motel overnight as they made their way to a new post in Arkansas.

Assistant Police Chief Keith McCary said the case is being worked as any other. However, this tragedy struck a chord within the department.

"When that happened this morning, when the ladies got to work, they got to work getting something together for this family who just lost everything that they had," McCary said.

“Through the (Meridian) Benevolent Association here at the department and the ladies' hard work, we got $867 up among all of us to help them make their trip back home safe."

Later Tuesday, police recovered the stolen truck and are looking for an enclosed white trailer. If you know anything about it, call Meridian Police at (601) 485-1860.

And if you’d like to help the Bobby Stone family, you may make a donation through the Meridian Police Benevolent Association.