MPS Hears Pay Issue

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The Meridian Public School District adjusted its pay-policy for hourly employees last year to adhere to the federal "Wage and Hour" law.

But, since the Lauderdale County School District recently altered its policy, it may be something that Meridian can do as well.

"The attorney for the board and the administration need to find out, can we legally do that?" said Fred Wile, chairman of the school board. "And if we can, then we need to do it to best help the employees."

The board also heard from Greg Harman, director of Starbase Atlantis,
a new math and science program for fifth graders that will be taught at NAS Meridian. It's a program being put on by the Navy with help from some of the regular Navy personnel. It takes 5th graders for five one-week sessions at the Navy base.

And the board approved a $5,000 donation to Carver Middle School to help with their music program.

"Dr. Robert Markham has done an outstanding job of requesting funds and help for band instruments for people who want to take band, but can't afford the instruments," said Wile.

Also during the meeting, Superintendent Dr. Janet McLin took a phone call from Chip Pickering's office. She announced Pickering will donate 30 instruments to Carver on Friday.