Sups Approve Surcharge

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A motion was made by Lauderdale County District 1 supervisor Hank Florey to add a $10 surcharge to each traffic ticket written by the sheriff's department. The money would be used to build a new communications tower for the county radio system.

District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell was opposed to it, but Florey defended the idea.

"This is not a tax on the people of Lauderdale County," said Florey. This is a surcharge on tickets paid for by offenders, by the perpetrators. I think it's a good deal for all the people of Lauderdale County."

"I have some questions about this," said Boswell. "I think this is no more that just another tax increase to the public."

The motion passed 4 to 1.

Supervisors also heard a state-mandated report from Weems Mental Health Center's administrator Maurice Kahlmus.

"Lauderdale County contributes $150,000 roughly toward Weems and we turn around and spend $6.5 million in salary and other expenses and items that we purchase to run our programs so we feel like we're giving the county a pretty good return on its investment," said Kahlmus.

Supervisor Jimmie Smith of District 2 asked county engineer Neal Carson to accelerate the commitment the county had made to overlay 33rd Street in the city.

"APAC just completed overlaying Skyland and East Crescent Lake and Dunroven and Grand Avenue and Crestview and Alpine and will get on it as quick as we can," said Carson.