Bridge Collapse

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It was called the one lane bridge, and it was one of the oldest in Wayne County. On Saturday morning, it became its deadliest. Authorities say around nine Saturday morning, the bridge collapsed, sending at least one vehicle into the water, and killing its driver.

Bobbie Williams lives in the community near the bridge. She drove over it 10 minutes before it collapsed. She said its something she'd long feared.

"It was an old bridge," said Williams. "I held my breath every time I went over it."

When authorities arrived on the scene, they saw a Ford Ranger partially submerged in the water. Divers went into the strong current and pulled out the driver, an elderly man who's name has not been released.

Sonar later located another object in the water, beneath the wreckage of the bridge. The object was apparently square, and authorities believe it may be another car. They're currently working to get through the steel and concrete to the where the car might be, but they've not been able to because of the strong current.

Just up the river, a replacement for the bridge was being built. Farrior said it was almost 100 years old, but was believed to still be in good shape.

Wayne County Sheriff John Farrior says rescuer workers will go as long as it takes to clean up the wreckage and get to where the other car might be, but it won't be easy. He says they might not be able to get to it until the river level goes down some. That could be several days.