238 ASOS Welcomed Back

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The weather delayed their arrival and then it welcomed them home with a cold, dreary day, but for the families of six military men, the sun was shining and their hearts were warm as their loved ones returned home from Iraq.

"It's definitely good to be home, especially when we first hit Baltimore on our first stop here in the United States," said SRA David C. Callahan of the 238 Air Support Operations. "It's good to be back with people that speak your own language and support you. When we first walked into Baltimore we received a very hearty handshake and that was good to have."

For the past 90 days these members of the 238th Air Support Operations Squadron have been providing air operations support to the 39th Separate Infantry Brigade and the 1st Cavalry Division operating out of Camp Victory in Baghdad.

"They were helping coordinate between the Army troops and the Air Force fighters and bombers in Iraq. Doing a great job," said Col. Erik Hearon, commander of the 186th Air Refueling Wing.

As these six men return home, they complete a rotation from the 238th. They say they know how lucky they are to have sent 24 men to Iraq and all 24 have come home.

Their job in the Middle East may be over for now, but for some the work begins here at home.

"We sent 24 people over. We all came back safely. I am not only proud of all the guys, I am just happy we got them all back," says Lt. Col. Norman Miller.

"We will see how long it takes him to get through his ‘honey-do’ list. It's grown quite a bit since he's been gone," said Miller's wife, Laura.

As for David Callahan, he is set to be redeployed in a few months, but for now he says his concerns are focused on his mom's home cooking.