Union Set to Strike

A tentative agreement on a new contract was reached last week and then ratified by a majority of union members in Meridian and Clarksburg, Va., as well as Lockheed Martin employees in California. But the deal was turned down by Lockheed workers in Marietta, Ga.

Since Meridian and Clarksburg are tied to Marietta, all are scheduled to be on strike as of 12:01 a.m. on Mar. 8, that is, unless someone bends.

Lockheed's manager of corporate communications, Tom Greer, told Newscenter 11 by phone:

"We were surprised at the rejection of the tentative agreement at Marietta. The agreement was reached after lengthy and intensive negotiations and after the company gave the union its last, best and final offer. It seems to us that the union membership at Marietta may not fully understand the situation. The company has no intention of reopening the negotiations or changing the tentative agreement."

Greer went on to say that he believed there was a lot of give and take on both sides during negotiations that produced the tentative agreement on Feb. 23. Newscenter 11 was unable to reach a union representative for comment.

In 2002, the Marietta unit, which includes Meridian, went on strike for 49 days.

If this strike proceeds, it would affect operations in Meridian, Virginia and Georgia, but not California.