Reading Is Fun Across America

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Dr. Seuss is easily one of the most recognizable children's authors. Launched in 1998 on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, "Read Across America" is now in all 50 states. This year it has expanded to include Spanish speaking students as well.

"The reading program is one of the most important programs in the school," said Barbara Jones, academic dean at Meridian Community College and a member of the Lauderdale County School Board. "It's all important, but reading is really the foundation."

Jones was also a guest reader at Northeast Lauderdale Elementary School. Students in the education program at Meridian Community College volunteered their time and their favorite Dr. Seuss book as part of the celebration.

But it was not all reading fun on this Read Across America Day. March is also Music in Schools Month. Sharon Pratt's music class learned to combine reading and music to have an even better time.

"In reading music, you go from left to right, just like you do in reading a textbook, and you reinforce symbols as you learn to read the symbols in music just like you learn to read the symbols in words," Pratt said.