TVA Opens DeKalb Facility

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TVA officials and local leaders were on hand to dedicate the Kemper Combustion Turbine site in DeKalb. It's the first TVA-owned generation plant in Mississippi.

The plant was a $160 million investment that will have 10 full time employees.

"TVA is committed to working in partnership with our power distributors to ensure the people served by the Tennessee Valley Authority and local power distributors have the best in affordable, reliable electric power, said Glenn McCullough, chairman of TVA.

The four combustion turbine units in Kemper County will help supply power during peak periods of demand, such as the coldest part of the winter, or the hottest part of the summer.

"The Kemper County combustion units will be turned on and put power in the TVA system almost instantaneously," added McCullough. "And it'll do so in a way that's environmentally friendly."

Earlier Wednesday, McCullough met with Congressman Chip Pickering and other representatives of the power industry to discuss pending legislation related to the energy field.

"I wanted to make sure we got the legislation right," said Pickering. "It was a good time to listen and get input. We go back into, after the election, into a lame-duck session and the Energy Bill is one possibility of something that gets done before the end of the year."

TVA is the nation's largest public power producer, serving 8.3 million consumers in the southeastern United States.