Write-In Campaign

For the past 19 years, Ben Walker has served as Commissioner for District 3 in Sumter County.

In June he lost in the Democratic primary by 18 votes to political newcomer Dianne Ruffin-Green. With no other opponents for the position, Walker is asking voters to write his name in as the candidate of choice.

"I have not seen anybody campaign that way before, but there have been write-ins. No one has won in Sumter County that way, but in other counties it has happened," said Sumter County Circuit Clerk Odessa Mack

Meanwhile, Ruffin-Green said she is disappointed with the request.

"I've won three times. The ballots were contested. We went to Livingston and we were declared the winner there. We also had to go before the state Democratic Committee and we were declared the winner there. It's really unfair that we have to go through this again," she said.

Throughout the day we attempted to contact Walker; however he was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, another candidate in Sumter County is also calling for a write-in campaign. Julene Delaine is asking voters to write her name in for the district three school board positions. In June she lost by 35 votes to Dana Thomas.

Poll hours in Sumter County are Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. With many local and state positions on the ballots, analysts are projecting a high voter turn out.