Money Takes Center Stage

A debate about land values dominated the discussion at the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday.

District 5's Ray Boswell questioned the tax assessor about perceived inequities in the tax rolls.

He said some citizens have complained to him about the tax on a single acre, for example, making them not to want to own any land.

Tax assessor Jimmy Slay said market value drives the assessments. He said property in Collinsville is selling for more than the same acreage in Zero, as one example.

On one issue raised, Slay said the board has the power to correct it. He referred to how property used for agricultural purposes is assessed. He said the board could lower the current 20 acres and up rate for agricultural property to apply to five acres and up.

Board vice-president Craig Hitt said questions about values overall is why a reappraisal contract is of such importance. The board is scheduled to open bids for reappraisal work next week. It has rejected a previous bid for the work as too high.