Driving, Walking Safety Lesson

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In recent weeks, the Meridian Police Department says it has received complaints from pedestrians about motorists not obeying traffic laws.

"We would like to remind the pedestrians to watch for motorists, and motorists watch for pedestrians," said Capt. Rick McCary.

He said pedestrians, for their own protection, should always cross at crosswalks or at the end of blocks where drivers can see them, not in the middle of a block unless there is a marked crosswalk.

"Pedestrians are not supposed to cross at any other point. Motorists are supposed to yield to them," McCary said.

Under Mississippi law, pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks that don't have traffic control signals, and it is the duty of the approaching vehicle to stop for the pedestrian.

State law also stipulates that pedestrians crossing roadways at locations other than crosswalks should yield the right of way to all vehicles on the roadway.

"There are usually places in a city to walk over the interstate, but you should never cross over an intersection," McCary said. "We had a fatality on the interstate."

He says although state law does not cover parking lots, it's a good rule for motorists to treat parking lots like crosswalks and yield to the pedestrian.