Storm Damage

Damage to Kitchen of Bluff Springs home.

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From the outside the house is a classic example of why you really "can't judge a book by its cover!" While the exterior of the house in the Bluff Springs Community looks damaged, it doesn't necessarily looked demolished. However, once inside, it's a different story.

"It looked like somebody put a bomb in it and blew it up."

Kemper County Sheriff Sam Tisdale is describing the damage inside the house. It all happened shortly after 7 o'clock Thursday morning when homeowner Doris Hickman and her disabled daughter noticed strong winds outside while eating breakfast.

"This broken table is where we were sitting," says Hickman. "Like I said, stuff just started falling immediately after we left the table."

That's when Hickman says she and her daughter tried to work their way to a room at the end of the hall.

"I was pushing her with one hand," says Hickman, "and holding debris off me with another hand. It was like it was crumbling on us and planks were falling."

With downed ceilings and blown out windows, the damage is immense throughout much of the house. The only room not really damaged was the back one where Hickman and her daughter sent for safety.

"I was just think about the wires," says Hickman," and I just did like the saints and I went to crying out, 'The blood of Jesus!"

"I've never seen anything like this one in all my 22 years in law enforcement," says Sheriff Tisdale.

Although to many it doesn't look like much, to family members they say they've been left with a lot.

"I guess at least nobody got hurt," says homeowner Johnnie Hickman. "I've still got my family so, that's a lot!"

Meanwhile, Sheriff Tisdale says several other houses in the area also received relatively minor damage during the storm.