County Students, Teachers to Wear Uniforms

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The Lauderdale County School Board has approved a school uniform policy, by a vote of 3-2.

Since last fall, Lauderdale County superintendent David Little says the district has tinkered with the idea of having students wear uniforms. He says principals throughout the district favored the idea, along with some parents.

"I think this could be just one more measure to improve the district," Little said, saying the pros outweigh the cons.

"It has the potential of saving them a lot more money and it is easy for kids to get out of bed and get to school and learn," said Little.

The policy will be for all grades throughout the Lauderdale County District, beginning with the 2005-2006 school year.

Students must wear tops and shirts in solid colors and in school colors only, as well as short or long sleeve polos and short or long sleeve oxford blouse sweaters. Elementary students would be required to wear jumpers.

Bottoms would be solid colors only, such as khaki or black, while plaid would be acceptable in school colors for jumpers or skirts.

Little says a new uniform policy will switch the focus from fashion to putting more emphasis on academics.

"Principals need to be able to focus more on being the instructional leader of the school, not being the fashion police," said Little. "As far as our students, we hope our kids will focus more on their books and their subjects and not fashion."

Teachers, teacher assistants, and office personnel will also have to abide with the new rules, wearing the same uniform as the students except teachers will not be allowed to wear shorts.