Pickering Gets Easy Win

2002 The Vote
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When the returns confirmed Rep. Chip Pickering's victory he and his entire family greeted his cheering supporters.

"Tonight is a new day for Mississippi," said Pickering. "We have a new coalition. If you look at the returns tonight in places like Kemper County, and Franklin County, Amite County and Adams County, we built, and Walthall County, we built a broad coalition, Republicans and Democrats, black and white cause we believe in Mississippi and we're going to build Mississippi together."

Later he confirmed to NewsCenter 11 his belief in this part of the state.

"We're just going to keep on building for East Mississippi," Pickering said. "I look forward. We've got a bright future. We've got unlimited potential and with our two senators and our president, state and local leaders, our private leaders we can do great things for East Mississippi."

When the Democratically controlled Senate Judiciary Committee refused to approve Judge Charles Pickering, the congressman's father, to the Federal Appeals Court it became a national issue. That will now change, according to Rep Pickering.

"You know the president never withdrew his nomination," the 39-year-old said. "He will be renominated if we do win the majority in the senate, and I believe we will, then he will go forward."

At the headquarters of Rep. Ronnie Shows, the disappointed candidate analyzed his defeat.

"The thing about it, you've got to get your message out," said Shows. "And we didn't have the money to get our message out. When you talk about social security and you talk about medicine and you talk about jobs that we've lost because of trade bills and then we talk about the BRAC commission and those issues there, those are very key subjects and I know I'm right on those issues. But when you're even able to come in my area and overwhelm me on TV in my area it's just a hard thing to overcome."

Does Ronnie Shows have a political future? He said he doesn't know. He's going home to Bassfield, discuss it with his wife and pray about it.