Ala. Charges "Sniper Suspects"

Both John Muhammed and Lee Malvo, in custody in connection with the sniper shootings, are charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Claudine Parker Sept. 21 at a liquor store in Montgomery, Ala.

"We have made a positive I.D. that places John Muhammed at the scene of the bodies, behind me here," said Montgomery Police Chief John Wilson. "Our police officer was shown a photo lineup late yesterday evening and positively identified him as the person he saw standing over the body. Lee Malvo, we can place at the scene of the crime because of other evidence you've already discussed."

Chief Wilson referred to Malvo's fingerprint, allegedly found at the scene last month. The state will seek the death penalty.

Information has come to light about Muhammed's past, since his arrest Oct. 24. The Louisiana native was court-martialed twice during a seven-year stint with the National Guard.

Muhammed, then known as John Allen Williams, was accused of striking a non-commissioned officer and failing to obey a direct order.

"He didn't like to follow orders," said Tim Toler, the presiding officer at the courts martial. "In my opinion at the time he was a troubled young man. Any time you reach a summary court officer, you've got problems."

Muhammed joined the Army in 1985. His boss at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington, was Sgt. Major Paul Larson, now retired and living in Bay Saint Louis. He remembers Muhammed as a good worker and rifle marksman.

"It shocked me because having known John Williams as Sgt. Williams, he did not appear to be the type though, I don't know what the type is," said Larson. "He was pretty low-key, good at his job."

Muhammad and Malvo are being held without bail and could also face prosecution in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

"If he is found guilty, death is too good for him. If he is the guilty one," said Larson.