House Fire Death

Smoldering smoke and ash is all that is left inside what's left inside the partial shell of the brick home.

Around 9 o'clock Tuesday morning firefighters responded to the blaze at a house on Bia Road, just off Highway 19 North. Upon arrival they found the house in flames.

While all of the family’s material possessions were lost, the biggest loss came with the death of the family's two-year-old daughter, Victoria, who would've turned three years old Saturday. Investigators say she was killed in the blaze.

As for her mother, she received a number of cuts, while her father suffered severe burns. The only one not injured was the couple's six-year-old son who was at school at the time.

"It's just sad," says Eddy Ladd, who's a relative of the family. "It's like we've been cheated!"

Meanwhile, investigators say it's too early to determine a cause for the fire.

"We're still conducting an investigation," says Sheriff Larry Myers. "Of course, they took samples and they sent them off, but it may be a week or two before we know as to what actually did happen."

As family members prepare to plan funeral services for young Victoria, her mother and father both remain hospitalized.

"I mean, the baby's father's in Greenville in the Burn Center," says Ladd. "We ain't got insurance. We ain't got nothing. We just appreciate anything we can get!"

If you would like to help the family, call (601) 389-3426 or (601) 575-2169.