City Races Taking Shape

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Two of the four Meridian City Council members filed their qualifying papers Tuesday, Ward 5's Bobby Smith and Mary Perry of Ward 2.

Dr. George Thomas of Ward 1 and Ward 3's Barbara Henson filed last week.

Some thought Smith was interested in running for mayor this year, but he told Newscenter 11 he wants another term in Ward 5. If he wins, it would be his third term.

"The decision is to run for council in Ward 5 again. I've enjoyed it; I love it, and I like serving the people and looking forward to another four years," Smith said.

Barbara Henson has represented Ward 3 for 16 years. She says she is excited about the projects the city has underway.

Thomas has served the longest, 20 years, in Ward 1. He says he made up his mind some time ago to run again.

"This will be my final time to run. It will be that. A lot of things happening in the city. A lot of potential. Next four years ought to be one of the most exciting four year periods in the history of this city," said Thomas.

Ward 2's Mary Perry has served one full term and a portion of another.

"We have some companies that are looking at our city and we want them to really come in. And we also want our young people to have other things to do. We're on our way and it's going to take a lot to get there and I want to be a part of that," said Perry.
Ward 4's Jesse Palmer says he is not ready to announce his future plans.

The deadline for all candidates to file is March 4, 2005, at 5:00 p.m.