School Comes Through for Charity

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Local efforts to raise money for tsunami victims in Asia continues.

Southeast Lauderdale Elementary School presented a check to the Key Chapter of the American Red Cross Tuesday.

It’s money that the students and teachers raised towards the tsunami relief fund.

"It is such an honor for these students, teachers, and parents to be so supportive of the Red Cross," said Cheri Barry.

It was an effort that started only two weeks ago in Felisha Powell's class.

"We just saw the stuff on TV and we thought it was sad what happened," said fourth grade student, Daniel Roberts.

"After the devastation, our kids became focused on how to give of themselves," said Powell. "They came up with the idea to give money."

From there buckets were placed in each classroom and the money added up.

The $2500 donation was the largest single amount given from a school.

"Some of these kids scraped money from under their couches and under their mattresses so they could help other families in other countries," Barry said.

First grade student, Dakota Fraiser, brought in close to $300.00 towards the effort.

"I wanted the children to have lots of food and water so they could survive and be safe," said Frasier.

Barry said one hundred percent of all of the money collected will go towards the Tsunami relief efforts and will provide families with food, fresh water, family size tents and other necessary items.

For the students of Southeast Elementary, it was a priceless lesson in helping others.

"That made me feel happy that they will have a place to live and have fresh water," said Jasmine Ramsey, who is in the second grade.

"These people lost their families, homes and they need it more than I do," said fourth grader Andrew Black.

"It's not all about you. It's about other people, too," said Jay Netherland, a fourth grader