Pearl River Resort Changes

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After about a year-and-a-half in operation, the Hard Rock Cafe on the Pearl River Resort has closed its doors. Having officially closed Monday, new resort president and Chief Executive Officer Chuck Miller says this is not a reflection of lagging business at the resort.

"Hard Rock and the Tribe have agreed that we are in a 'win-win' situation if we terminate the relationship that we have and that was the restaurant on the property. We both decided it's best if we focus on our core business. The core business here is offering a gaming destination, resort that has an appeal to what we consider our primary market."

When you go to the site the Hard Rock Cafe sign has already come down, however, soon another sign will go up. In fact, in April the new Clearwater Key Beach Club Restaurant is set to open in the same site. Resort officials say the restaurant will have a Caribbean flare complete with occasional live music.

"It will be more focused on the type of guests that we have coming here in the sense that it will be a fun-filled atmosphere and one that fits our packet, not only in terms of what the resort is now, but in terms of growth in years to come," says Miller.

Speaking of growth, we asked Miller how the Cafe's closure will affect previous plans to open a Hard Rock Hotel on the resort. Here's what he had to say.

"I can't really say at this particular moment in time. Certainly like I said, we've looked at future hotel room expansion but in terms of exactly what I can't. That's something I can't comment on right now."

However, he did confirm that there are plans to further expansion on the resort which will lead to more jobs. As for exactly what that expansion is and how many jobs it could bring in the future, Miller says it's too early to say.