Lockheed Gets Back to Work

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After a little more than a week, striking workers at Lockheed will be back on the job Wednesday.

An agreement was voted on Tuesday afternoon by union members in Marion, Miss., Marietta, Ga, and Clarkesburg, West Va., bringing an end to the eight-day-old strike.

Workers walked off the job and began picketing last week over what they called an unfair contract proposal from Lockheed officials.

Janice Jenkins, president of the International Association of Machinists Local 2386, said concessions were made on both sides to finalize the agreement.

It calls for workers to receive a $1,500 Ratification Bonus within 21 days, an addition in Lead-Man pay, plus classification adjustments in Marietta. The contract did not include a cap on insurance, and new hires will not be offered medical insurance when they retire.

The contract was approved by a 1,532 to 537 margin in Marietta and an 82 to 22 vote in Marion.