Choctaw Move to High Tech

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The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians announced a partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The partnership will allow for the production of a newly patented mobile medical gas utility stand.

"It began by trying to solve a problem," said Dr. Dan Jones of UMC.

Invented by UMC respiratory therapist Jerry S. Bridgers, the stand is designed to allow a respiratory therapist to administer various gases to their patients with greater ease and efficiency, and because it contains only materials which are non-magnetic, or non-ferrous, it can be used in areas were which employ magnets.

Under the Choctaw business entity, Chahta Enterprises, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians has an exclusive contract with the University of Mississippi Medical Center to manufacture, use, and sell the new technology. This is the tribe's first venture into the production of technology of this nature.

Chief Phillip Martin said it's a move from "low tech" to "high tech".

Development of the new Medical Utility Stand took place here in Mississippi and Chahta Enterprises will be relying on vendors based in Mississippi to supply the materials necessary to build the stand.