Dog Dispute

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"It's safe! It is!"

That's what Scooba Police Chief Faye Powell has to say about concerns being raised about pit bulls in the town, all of this due to two recent incidents. About a month ago a child in Scooba was run down a back street by a pit bull, but he was not hurt. However, just prior to that, three pit bulls in the town were put to sleep after attacking a child who was left severely injured.

While these incidents are disturbing, pit bull owners in the town say the heightened concerns are not all justified.

You can raise a Chihuahua to eat you up, so not all pit bulls are bad," says Angela Richardson, who raising pit bulls as pets. "There are dogs that are not pit bulls that will run you on a bike. What about those dogs?"

For the past 15 years, Angela says she has raised pet pit bulls in her yard. Chief Powell says most of the problems and concerns are really geared towards people who are illegally raising the dogs to fight, something which is illegal and hard to prove.
The next time this issue is set to come before the Scooba Board of Alderman is on April 4 at 7 p.m. at City Hall in Scooba. At that time, we're told that the town's attorney is expected to say what, if anything, officials can do to address the concerns.

"There's only so much you can do," says Chief Powell. "This is a small town. We can't afford an animal control thing here. We can't afford that!"

"I don't know what the town is going to ask for or what the people are going to ask for," says Richardson, "but I just don't think that we should be targeted, the ones of us that are not doing this!"

Meanwhile, with dog fighting still hard to prove unless caught in the act, Chief Powell is advising anyone who is doing so to keep the dogs detained, especially around children.