Cleanup Could Take Days

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Work crews continue Friday working at the site of a train derailment Thursday evening.

It happened shortly before 6:00 p.m. Thursday, just off Zero Road in the Causeyville area. The Meridian and Bigbee freight train was reportedly carrying wood chips and paper products.

Nearby residents say they are used to the sound of passing trains.

"We hear it all the time, so we really don't pay any attention to it, but it was a little louder than normal, but not that much more," said resident McArthur Urston. "And there was no kind of hazardous waste. That's what they were really worried about, the Fire Department. And when they found out no one was hurt, they went on back to the station."

Urston says he can't recall a derailment on this line in all the time he's been living on Zero Road.

No one was hurt in the mishap. The cause of the derailment is unknown, and officials say cleanup could take days.