Hope Remains at Bridge Collapse

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Searchers think they know where the body of Grady Everitt is, somewhere near the site of the bridge collapse. Cadaver dogs have sniffed something just yards up the river from the bridge.

The problem is, the river level is still too high and the current too strong for divers to be able to go under water. Conservation and wildlife officers are leading the search, and they're hopeful the river level will fall overnight Friday and Saturday.

Two bodies have been recovered already from the waters. E.B. Davis Nov. 2 and Jimmy McDonald two days later. Meanwhile, members of the community still gather every day at the site of the collapse, a week after it happened.

Some of them are related to the victims, some are not. All are stil in shock over what happened.

Work continues on a replacement for the bridge just down river. The
so-called "one way bridge" was over a hundred years old.

Searchers are hopeful the river level will fall far enough overnight for them to bring divers in tommorrow. If they're not able to locate the body tommorrow or early Sunday, rains expected on Sunday could once again make the search terribly difficult.