Shows "Truth Tour"

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Democrat Cong. Ronnie Shows was in Meridian Monday as part of his "Truth Tour 2002."

Shows said the tour is something he and his supporters do every year, even if it's not an election year.

Shows confronted an issue he says was brought up by his chief opponent, Cong. Chip Pickering, a Republican. The issue is that Shows is trying to scare senior citizens about Social Security.

"This is what you do with your trash folks because that is what it is, it's trash," said Shows. "They have distorted my record of providing medicine for the seniors. And I am going to tell you, tearing it up, burn it. It has no credibility because he is trying to take money and buy this election, he it trying to take money and distort the truth from where I really stand."

Shows and Pickering will face off on the Nov. 5 ballot in the newly-created third district.