Gordon: Estimates Too High

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There has been so much written and said about potential shortfalls in 2004 state funding, it was appropriate to ask Sen. Jack Gordon if the alleged money problem is really that bad.

"Yes, it is, because of the fact we did not realize--our revenue that we anticipated in 2002-- we did not realize that growth," said Gordon. "So to realize what we anticipated for 2003 we would have to grow by 6.1 rate of growth. We've not maintained that type of growth in 2003 and so as we approach the 2004 budget we're going to have to be very careful to make certain that we are accurate and more conservative in what our revenue estimates are."

Much depends on the relationship between the legislature and Gov. Ronnie Musgrove. Gordon said it is improving.

"I think there is a spirit of more cooperation between the legislature and the governor at this time," said Gordon. "You know, it's just a point in time in the political life that we have to be more with each other because we're all going to be facing reelection in the next 12 months. And, you know, there needs to be a spirit of cooperation, certainly not one of dissension."

The legislature meets in regular session in January to consider the problem.