Residents Concerned About Drainage

Longtime 34th Avenue resident Emma Key says she's concerned about debris in a canal behind her house.

"You can get in my backyard after it's flooded and you can see rats running on 33rd, and you know that causes a health hazard," Key said.

Ward 4 City Council candidate, the Rev. Troy Roscoe, says he wants to see something done about it.

"The canals run along people's yards and snakes could go in their yards. Not only in their yards but in their houses also," Roscoe said.

Ward 4 City Councilman Jesse Palmer, who is seeking reelection, says something is being done about the drainage area. He said Berry and Gardner Funeral Home on 34th Avenue has also been concerned.

"They had hired an engineer and I called our public works man, Mr. Monty Jackson, to talk with the engineer, and they are supposed to work together to correct the problem," Palmer said. "We have been concerned about this for many, many years, not just now, but I think we're about to get this situation straightened out."

Residents say another problem is the canal's frequent flooding, which they say is causing severe erosion of land behind houses and by the street. If nothing is done, they say they that eventually this land will cave in for good, causing some major damage.
Signs posted encourage residents not to throw trash in the canal and to report anyone who does. Bags of concrete have even been placed along the canal's bank area to deter erosion.

Despite these efforts and repeated community meetings on the issue, residents say overall, very little has been done to effectively address the issue.

Even though Palmer says the drainage area in question is no longer in his ward, it's a concern for all residents, regardless of where they live.