Regency Hospital Tapped for Award

Rod Laughlin, president of Regency Hospital Company, was in Meridian Wednesday for the presentation of an award to the local facility and its CEO, Benny Costello.

Regency Hospital is an acute care facility for patients who need more than the traditional hospital stay. It has been named "hospital of the year" for the Regency system.

“And we get great outcomes. We're sending 50 to 60 percent of our people home and we're getting another 35 percent of those people to nursing homes or skilled beds, a more appropriate level of care, as quickly as their conditions warrant," said Rod Laughlin, president and CEO of Regency Hospital Co.

Regency Hospital is located on the second floor of Riley Foundation Hospital.

The Regency system operates 15 hospitals around the country. It opened the Meridian facility in 2003.