Shooting Suspect Surrenders

A day after police in Thomasville, Ala., swept the area looking for him, an accused murderer has turned himself in.

Cortez Jones is accused of aggravated murder and two violent attacks in Ohio. He was spotted Tuesday in a relative's home in Thomasville.

Police spent the day searching for him, using SWAT teams, bloodhounds and helicopters, but they weren't able to find Jones.

Despite the accusations, Cortez's family members defended him.

"Because we know him, we know him, we know our nephew, you know? We know what he’s capable of and that he's not capable of that," said Jones' aunt, Pamela Witherspoon.

"He's not that type of kid," said another aunt, Valerie Jones. "He's like a normal kid; may get in trouble, but I know he didn't kill nobody."

Authorities say Cortez shot at Thomasville police officers when they tried to serve a warrant on him. No one was hurt.