Christ's Passion Retraced

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In commemoration of the life and the passion of Jesus Christ, the Christian community in Meridian celebrated Good Friday.

The Way of the Cross, Way of Peace Ecumenical Walk crossed the lines of denomination and brought together people of like mind and spirit.

"All the churches are coming together to witness faith, and I guess you could say celebrate the fact that Jesus has saved us," said Sister Andre Burkhart, founder of the walk.

"Very pleased to see so many churches involved," said Father Francis Cosgrove of St. Patrick's Catholic Church. "It's truly an ecumenical spirit here as we do Good Friday and walk with the Lord in His Passion."

A crowd of hundreds walked through downtown Meridian, from the courthouse to Dumont Plaza, stopping to witness recreations of the final days of Christ.

"It celebrates the life of Jesus and what he gave up for us, the sacrifice that he gave," said participant, Derek Glicco.

"I love God. I love Jesus," said Alinda Rush Brown. "I love what he did for me and this is the opportunity to speak to that and participate in the praise and the whole opportunity of sharing the experience of Christ's walk to the cross."

It's a powerful observance of a Christian holy day. People from all walks of life, all ages, backgrounds, churches, and creeds came together in celebration of faith and unity.

This is the eighth year for the Way of the Cross Good Friday celebration.