MBN: "Children in Danger"

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According to law enforcement agencies, methamphetamine cases involving young children are mounting, and the examples are endless.

Authorities said in a raid on a meth lab in a duplex, a four-year-old who lives there tested positive for meth. The meth lab's toxicity is so great that a three-year-old in a neighboring home also tested positive.

Maj. Randy Johnson, who heads the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics' Meth and Drug Endangered Children's Program, says that's just from breathing the air.

About 12 states, including Mississippi, have developed drug-endangered children's program since 1991.

Law enforcement officials throughout Mississippi say the new laws are helping but not curbing the amount of meth being manufactured or used in the state.

"It's an epidemic. It's not affecting one group. It's affecting everybody. Our job is to save the children," said Johnson.