SA Issues Appeal

salvation army

The Salvation Army has put out an urgent call for donations of furniture, appliances and winter weather items.

The organization helps the poor and people displaced by storms and fires.

The need has reached a virtual crisis level.

"We need children's coats for sure, because they're coming in now to buy them for school and to get them for school," said Jean Shirley, who manages the Salvation Army's thrift stores. "And we have a lot of people that can't afford to buy for their children. So they go to the office and get a ticket and then they bring it to me. And then we give them what we have to help them out."

The Salvation Army operates Sally's Attic in Acme Plaza. If you're unable to deliver your donated furniture and large items, call the Salvation Army at 483-9570 to make arrangements for pickup.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores sell some donated items to raise money for charitable causes, in addition to offering needed goods to the poor and displaced.