District Anticipates Tighter Budget

"You know we're not going to get what we want or necessarily what we need," said Lauderdale County school Superintendent David Little.

With lawmakers dealing with a lean budget this year and perhaps another in the year to come, Little says Lauderdale County school officials are bracing for the blow and looking at doing away with the county's alternative school.

Averaging about 25 students who are generally there for behavioral problems, Little says eliminating the school could save the district thousands of dollars in salaries alone.

"At least an administrative salary, five or six support staff there, teachers’ assistants, the security guard and things like that," Little explained.

Each year, roughly $600,000 of the district's budget is spent on salaries and services at the alternative school. If the school is closed Little says the special programs for these students will be moved to individual campuses.

"We'll be allowing each campus to provide their own alternative setting for those students," said Little. "So, we expect a significant savings there."

Closing the county's alternative school is not a done deal yet; the board still has to vote on the issue. That is expected at its next meeting on April 21 at West Lauderdale Elementary. The public is invited.