Family Farm Alive and Well

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Every year, the Mathis family produces close to 40 acres of peaches and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. A two-acre strawberry patch was added this year. Co-owner Randy Mathis says you can enjoy picking your own.

For over twenty years, the Mathis family has been growing peaches and some vegetables, selling them at stands on Highway 45 South and Highway 19 north, as well as the South Side Curb Market on 26th Avenue and C Street in Meridian.

But the family says their joy comes from the many families, schools and organizations that visit the farm.

"It's a hands on experience," said co-owner, Lisa Smith. "They pick a pint and they can take them home and it helps them start early being healthy."

The Mathis’ say the peach trees will not be ready to pick until the latter part of May, but the strawberries are ripe and ready to go now.

In addition to growing produce, the family also runs a miniature animal farm.

"It's great, especially for the kids. It's perfect," said visitor Megan Robinson.

The strawberry picking season will last through May, while the peaches will be ready at the end of May into August.