Rain Causes Headaches

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Clarke County is one of the most flood-prone parts of east Mississippi. It was hit pretty hard by rain Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Flood waters have left the banks of many of the creeks in the Quitman area. Some of the neighborhoods had standing water.

Residents there and elsewhere braced for another round of storms Thursday night.

"We have a lot of low lying areas that flood, and with the ground already being wet, that's where we're going to keep an eye out for it," said Lindy Slay, Clarke County's EMA Director.

Some parts of Clarke County recorded four inches of rain in one night. Residents are still concerned about another two to three inches of rain that are possible Thursday night.

Heavy rains brought back bad memories for some Meridian residents as well. Residents of Eagle Point remembered the April floods of 2003 when water got inside several of the houses, but property owners got good news Thursday from the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors.

"We have been interested in getting something done and we worked with the supervisors and pleaded with them," said Pap McElroy, an Eagle Point resident. "And anybody that we could plead with, we pleaded with to help us get this flooding situation straightened out."

"I went to the board. I had some pictures to carry with me, and with Neal's support we talked to the board and they okayed us to finally come in here and do the project ourselves," said Eddie Harper, District 1 Supervisor.

Plans are to increase the width of the canal by approximately two or three times its current width.