Children First: Uniform Dress

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Beginning in the fall, most students and teachers in the Meridian Public School District will be wearing a uniform.

Supt. Sylvia Autry says the decision for each school in the district to switch to uniforms was not mandated by the school board but was a site-specific choice left up to each individual school's administration.

"So if a school has adopted uniforms, it will be part of the dress code for the child to wear a uniform. That's how we have done it," said Autry.

Autry notes that, so far, all Meridian schools have adopted the uniform policy, with the exception of Meridian High School.

While all of the other schools in the district have had a full year to prepare and notify parents, Autry says Meridian High has not, but the school has not thrown out the idea of eventually adopting the policy.

"There will be an awareness letter sent out by principal (R.D.) Harris regarding uniforms in the next week," said Autry.

"We have had support from the community and parents love it. And you're not having to mix and match outfits," said Cythia Pouncey, the principal of Magnolia Middle School, the only school in the Meridian district that has already implemented the uniform policy.

"I think the dress code has brought a lot of pride to Magnolia and they all look the same, and hopefully, they will act the same in a more positive way," Pouncey said.

Some parents agree with the use of school uniforms. Some others object that it takes away a child's ability to be creative.

"They can be creative on the weekend. While they are in school, they need to be focused on school," said parent Toyer Walker.

The uniform policy will include khaki bottoms, while the tops will have to be white, blue, or a color adopted by the school.