Supervisors Vote on Flood Solution

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It was sunny enough Monday for Grady Hinson to take the top down on his convertible, quite an improvement from last Thursday, when the waters from the creek behind his home in Eagle Point Subdivision came up behind his house.

It's the third time since 2003 Hinson has had such a flood, leaving he and his neighbors frustrated, angry, and worried every time it rained.

"There were a lot of nervous people because people didn't sleep," said Hinson. "They'd stay up and watch the creek to see what it was going to do, and that's not a way to live. It was very frustrating."

He and his neighbors may not be frustrated for much longer. The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has given its stamp of approval to fixing the creek at Eagle Point.

Crews will spend the next several weeks widening it and checking downstream all the way to where it comes out at Sowashee Creek, to make sure there aren't any other danger areas. County officials say it should be done by the end of the summer.

"When we complete it, we will make it as best as it can be," said county engineer, Neal Carson.

And that's good enough for Hinson, if the county will indeed do it.

"Once the equipment is out here and they start correcting the problem, it'll be a great day. It'll be something the neighborhood will be extremely proud of," said Hinson.

Now residents say they'll keep their fingers crossed that it will happen soon.